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Marco Rubio

October 30, 2010

What’s not to like?  A guy who comes from a working class family.  He knows the meaning of “have not” and earning everything he has achieved.  Marco Rubio is living the “American Dream” and need not apologize for it.

Terri and I had the opportunity to meet Marco Rubio and we were not disappointed.  The National Federation Independent Business (NFIB) invited us to the Tampa Bay Brewing Company who hosted the announcement by the NFIB Florida of their endorsement of Mr. Rubio for the US Senate.

Mr. Rubio spent several hours with a group of local Tampa Bay area small business owners and NFIB members.  Terri and I were fortunate to spend time with him introducing our company, Integra Business Systems, Inc. and the challenges we face in today’s economy.

Mr. Rubio also spent time in a sit down discussion with us where I was able to express my favorite political topic, a “payroll tax holiday.”

Marco Rubio has stayed on message throughout a bitterly contested 2010 race for the US Senate seat versus Charlie Crist (Independent) and Kendrick Meeks (Democrat).  The mud-slinging between candidates has been ad nauseam, but I have to say, for the most part, candidate Rubio has stayed above the fray.  He remains on message, which my intrepretation is, “less government, repeal Obamacare, keep the Bush tax cuts, vote against Cap and Trade and freeze government spending.”

No doubt we are talking about the next US Senator to represent. Florida.  Now Mr. Rubio, how about that payroll tax holiday for small businesses and their employees?

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