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Twitter me free! “Lead” with words!

February 26, 2011

Are social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook a path to freedom for the oppressed!?

If so, we need to drop Smart Phones into countries ruled by dictators and religious zealots, not smart bombs!

Without a doubt face time is far more effective, whenever possible, in personal relationships but let’s face it, not so much when you’re dodging bullets (hence the double entendre on the word “lead”) even when your message is compelling and needs to go viral.  No message, including those from the mainstream media, is more effective than a simple post to Facebook  or a Tweet on Twitter.

Has social media done what shock and awe, subterfuge and sanctions cannot do?   Free the oppressed?

The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship you don’t have to waste your time voting. – Charles Bukowski 

You think!?  I think voting means less “lead” (as in bullets) and fewer bomb makers.  Worst case, I like a lottery when it comes to choosing my lawmakers, not a noose.   

As for religious freedom?   I’m still debating this topic with my Mom. 

Twitter and Facebook are ubiquitous. Are they the true freedom fighters, persona non grata, going to topple middle eastern dictatorship?   Maybe.  Lead with words!  A double entendre that would be rendered empty without the help of real life martyrs, real life freedom fighters.  Brave, passionate people.  

Let’s do what we can to help them “live” not “die” for freedom.  Let’s show our support and Tweet and Facebook (post) a message now to all your fans and friends, “Live free, Not Die!” to get the message out to our Middle astern and African neighbors who live under oppressive dictators. 

Here at home, let’s put a face on freedom.  Tweet and Facebook our message. Live Free, Not Die!

Note: Please help us get the good word out. Share us on your favorite social media site and Stumble Upon. Thanks.


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  1. May 14, 2012 12:46 pm

    That’s a smart answer to a trkciy question

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