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Employee Benefits Statement

May 12, 2011

Benefits Statement

Sample Benefit Statement

We provide a benefits statement to our employee’s as part of their annual performance review.  We feel it makes a difference to show them all the extras we provide when our goal is to provide a stress free as work environment.

We leave statutory benefits out of the equation, so as not to over inflate the benefits, but feel free to add them or change the spreadsheet in any fashion you wish. In our business, which is software development and technology we compete in a hi-tech salary + benefits world.  We have a profit sharing plan.

We also have a Work From Home Wednesdays program for employees who commute over 30 minutes from home (We dictate only Wednesday’s so they don’t try to make a long weekend out of it).

We even have a company gym in our Admin Building and Meeting Center.

If you would like a copy, subscribe and leave me a comment below and I will send you a sample Excel spreadsheet.

Company Gym


I have received a great deal of interest on this topic raised on the NFIB (National) LinkedIn.

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