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Monday Morning Message-Focus

March 27, 2012

Carl Gallo with daughter Amelia

Did you know that in 1911, the Mona Lisa was stolen from the Musée du Louvre in Paris, France? It was missing for 2 ½ years, yet the officials of the museum were not concerned about the loss. They knew that it was such a unique piece, that there was no way it could be peddled in the black market without it getting traced back with all of the parties involved getting caught. It was a big story, and for 2 ½ years, visitors still came into the Louvre…as a matter of fact, for the 2 ½ years that the painting was missing, attendance actually increased 12 times the average daily attendance! They did studies and had inspectors added to the payroll and came to the following conclusion as to why there was such a dramatic increase. People came to see the spot where the Mona Lisa used to hang. That’s right, and empty spot on the wall. Twelve times as many people came to see a blank space on the wall opposed to viewing the actual masterpiece.

What was their point of focus?

This is a picture of my youngest daughter, Amelia. I named her after my Noni, which is Italian for grandmother. She’s all dressed up, ready to attend a sweet sixteen party for her friend, Tatiana. She is a confident young girl and very focused on whatever task that is presented before her.

As a matter of fact, she was always that way – I can remember when she was about 4 years old and she wanted to learn how to ride a bicycle. I took her to this 1 acre parking lot on a Sunday afternoon that was completely void of cars so she could have has much room as she needed to run wild. On the other side of the parking lot was a light pole…a minimum of 80 yards away.

As we start our lesson, she looks at the pole and expresses concern. “Amelia,” I said with sternness in my voice “look at all of this open space and don’t worry about that one little pole 80 yards away – we’ve got all the room in the world to learn.” As we begin the lesson, I am holding the back part of her seat, running along with the bike as she begins to peddle, and I point her in the opposite direction of the pole, and as soon as I notice that she’s balancing on her own, I let go…still panting beside her…she turns left, directly towards the pole. At this point, she kicks it into high gear and I’ve got to run the 100 yard dash in 8.8 seconds to just keep up. “No, no, no Amelia” gasp, gasp…”come this way…turn right hoooney!” As you can suspect, she rammed right into that light pole. That one, stinking light pole. What do you think was the focus of Amelia’s attention as I felt 2 inches tall on that Sunday afternoon for allowing her to run into that light pole?

We have a choice in life as to what will be our point of focus.
I’ve been on a mission trip visiting orphanages in Honduras – I’ve seen first hand how others live in other parts of the world.
Do you have air conditioning in your home?
Do you have a place called home?
Do you drive a car?
Do you have a bicycle?
Do you have safe, public transportation?
Do you have food to eat every day?
Do you live in America?
Did you get an education?

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point…starting today, FOCUS! (on the positive and the Good Lord’s Blessings)  By the way, through the years, I’ve managed to teach Amelia to focus on the positive.  I’ve moved on from teaching her to ride a bike, to teaching her to drive a car, and she’s a wonderful, confident driver.


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