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A real stimulus – Readers’ comments on business news In Print: Sunday, February 8, 2009, St. Pete Times

July 31, 2012

Lower taxes on small businesses

I’m the Real McCoy. I’m the typical small-business owner. I’m the Real McCoy Inc. with more than 20 years in business with almost 30 employees. Let me tell you about us and our small business.

The only stimulus the Real McCoy needs is a real tax cut, for example a payroll tax cut on employees and employers alike. Small Business 101 is all about grow or die, the antithesis of big government. Real McCoy can grow business including a positive gain in employment, at significantly greater percentages than big business with tax relief.

The Real McCoy cannot survive and prosper under the current administration’s limited plan for tax relief for small business, or the planned increases proposed in entitlements.

The Real McCoy has always chosen to reinvest most of our “after-tax” profits in the business. This comes in the form of real employment, including real competitive salaries, real payroll taxes, real benefits to include medical, dental and a real top-notch wellness program that includes a real company-owned gym. Plus McCoy has invested in state-of-the-art technology for every employee. McCoy has a flexible work-from-home program to save on foreign oil and improve real people’s attitude, a “Real Go Green” program and real town hall meetings.

A typical small business like Real’s is self-funded. Real might have a loan from Real’s folks, a second mortgage on the house and, with luck, a small line of credit from a local bank. So McCoy’s business needs to earn real income to improve cash flow and grow. Any tax increases will hurt McCoy’s ability to sustain employment and grow our business. Increasing taxes on McCoy’s small business is not spreading the wealth around.

The Real McCoy must spread the wealth around to keep loyal employees who will help Real sustain and grow Real’s business. Small-business owners spread the wealth to middle-income and lower-income earners that depend on Real McCoy’s business thriving. So it is about Real people and Real jobs, not about more entitlements and more government. We need less bureaucracy, less pork, less fraud, ergo less government.

If President Obama gets his way, look for the Real McCoys of this world to end up the Real Minority and join the endangered species list. Take away the incentive to make money, the American dream and our freedoms will be compromised and eventually disappear.

Alan J. Wiessner, Safety Harbor

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